Tesla Hack Diaries: Prequel

A project log for Bio Implant Chip Tesla Model 3 Hack

Using the existing RFID implant chip I have in my hand to be able to start my Tesla

amie-ddAmie DD 11/12/2018 at 02:490 Comments

Tesla Hack Diaries: Prequel 

I've been working on my body implant Tesla hack for about 2 months, and I have had reservations about sharing my work, after discussing with a few friends and strangers about my project at #supercon last weekend I decided I would finally share my project progress. Thanks to Amal, Andy, Drew and Will for encouraging me that "all work sucks in the beginning" and I should just share my ramblings.

In-Game Hint about me since I'm new around here: 

I'm that adult that still plays with LEGO, and I ramble a lot of Twitter

I always take photos of my projects with LEGO(you know, for size reference: because I couldn't find a banana).

Here goes nothing...

-Rambling Unicorn