kitting up all the parts and panic shopping

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davedarkodavedarko 12/08/2018 at 23:380 Comments

35C3 is in 17 days and I'm missing some parts - so I panic ordered some parts on, just to notice in checkout that for DHL express shipping they now want a VAT number. Hmm. Normal post it is then, let's hope all the stuff arrives before I leave to my grandparents place. 

The only crucial parts missing are, apart from the hopefully soon arriving CC1101 and NRF modules: the CH340C and some neopixels. I should have added the crystal and caps pads for the CH340G just in case something like this would happen.. also I can't find my bag of neopixels.

Some parts I have to bodge on, for example some parts are 0805 and go on 0603 pads or vice-versa, but that should be fine.