Any other uses?

A project log for 4000mW WiFi Rifle

A long-range WiFi Rifle that's illegally strong.

TacticalNinjaTacticalNinja 11/01/2016 at 15:380 Comments

Okay, so some of you may ask "what other things is this good for"? At the heart of this project is a 2.4GHz amplifier that increases the output power, and is also spec'd to increase gain by a few dB. This is not exclusive for use with WiFi, we can use any 2.4GHz source and it will still amplify the transmit power. This is not very useful for Bluetooth and WiFi, since these radio protocols require both ends to have good signal both ways. One use case is to have a radio that can still function one-way. NRF20L01 is a 2.4GHz transceiver, which is very cheap BTW, and does not have a radio protocol similar to BT or WiFi. It is able to send raw data from a micro-controller or computer. Similar to shooting at someone with a gun, you don't necessarily need a confirmation from that person by asking if he's shot. If you can see them go down, or get hit you have visual/audible confirmation that contact has been made. Similar to this is radio control; if the receiver can receive your commands, it does not necessarily need to send back telemetry data to be able to do process the command you sent. It only needs to do a checksum on the receiving side to confirm on itself that it has received the correct and complete command.

Sadly, shipping from China is very slow, and I'm currently stuck until parts have arrived, but we can see where this project is going.