I bought a K40!

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Hari WigunaHari Wiguna 11/29/2018 at 05:170 Comments

After about a week of  learning from Chinese K40 Laser Group, YouTube, and talking to friends with lasers, I could not stand it anymore and bought a K40 from ebay..

Looking back at sold history on the listings, I saw prices as low as $340, but the going rate at this time appears to be $385.  I found a listing for $375 and clicked make an offer and offered $350.  He counter offer $370, which I took because I really want one.

I specifically ordered one from USA. They say it should be delivered in a week!

I can't wait!


Shipping label created same night I ordered. Two days later it is in transit!


OMG It's going to be here today!


It's HERE!

Cat for size comparison...

I wonder how much it cost them to send something this big and heavy via UPS.

Well padded, and double-boxed. Nice...

It's beautiful...