Wires + More Wires

A project log for Kerbal Spaceship Potato

This is an input focused control panel for Kerbal Space Program.

matthew-peverillMatthew Peverill 02/23/2021 at 01:590 Comments

Still alive! I've started wiring -- all the analog devices are plugged in and all of them worked right off the bat -- score one for iterative design! I'm not totally satisfied with the wiring scheme: I'm using pre-crimped wires going in to female header blocks, which attach to the header pins on the board. It's hard to optimize the length, so some wires end up too long and others have more tension than I'd like. It's going to be hard to make them neat. I'm pretty sure the 'optimal' solution is to crimp my own wires, but I'm probably going to just roll with it at this point.