A project log for Linux Design Centres

To build an open hardware case for the M58P Thinkcentre computer.

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 12/06/2018 at 18:210 Comments

Right now I'm learning about layout standards and best practices. Its interesting to read about flex allowances, thermal patterns, the reasoning behind the orientation and layout... I'm not really sure where this will go but I like the idea of computers built for very specific user groups.

While looking at whats out there I'm attracted to many single board computers (ah, the DIY spirit is talking.) but I think that I shouldn't give up, in the end this computer should be pretty cool and hopefully other motherboards will be compatible so others can enjoy.

Right now the only thing I'm having problems with is the internet! I don't know if its an actual problem with my computer or something on PopOS end, but yeah. Weird connection issues.

My first steps are to make a template for the motherboard (or find a reference file?)

Then using best practices start looking at airflow options.

Take apart power supply, I'm curious if I can relocate it into the cabinet and if it really needs to be fully enclosed if inside a larger case.

Right now I'm imagining a kind of high-heel shape where the power supply is the heel and everything else is in the foot section (where the toe split to make a tripod), from here perhaps a monitor mount could be near the "ankle" for an all in one. (with weight then being the main issue.)