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A project log for Linux Design Centres

To build an open hardware case for the M58P Thinkcentre computer.

David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 12/22/2018 at 17:070 Comments

So all parts of the machine are modeled except the old case, power switches, existing air duct, power supply and a USB front panel. There are some lacking details so if you intend to use these files keep that in mind, that being said, everything except for some stuff on the motherboard is dimensionally accurate. There are text notes on the models to indicate where things can/can't go as well. As always, ask if you have questions.

The power supply is similar to a laptop so I can keep it external if I want, or try to model it when I get back from travels and incorporate it.

At this point I can start moving things around and thinking of an envelope, on of the major things I'm thinking of is cable lengths, I can move things easier or to more unique configurations so I'm going to try and ignore that currently and sort that out later if its an issue, so there is the potential that to replicate my results a couple extra cables will need to be bought or spliced.

I also signed myself up to contribute some content to NuTokyo 2199 (

So the above have been voxalized and will likely be incorporated in-game but currently you can't do assemblies. Maybe in the future there will be an option to replicate this project in game, I like the idea of open hardware ideas being distributed that way.