Getting 'Person Detector' Working using the Neural Compute Stick

A project log for LoRa + Neural Network Security System

Spot trespassers with a neural network and transmit basic results via LoRa

Tegwyn☠TwmffatTegwyn☠Twmffat 12/12/2018 at 16:470 Comments

A couple of key things to note before getting started:

  1. The correct Neural Compute stick for Raspberry Pi is the NCSM2450.DK1 and currently (2018) no other Intel sticks will work on the Pi.
  2. Be careful which version of the stick SDK or APi is downloaded - V2 and above is NOT for Raspbian stretch, only Ubuntu 16.04.


1. I installed the full version of the latetst version 1 of the SDK and the APi and it did not take too long to install:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install
$ git clone
$ cd /home/pi/ncsdk && sudo make install
$ cd /home/pi/ncsdk && sudo make examples

2.  Test that the stick is working ok:

$ git clone
$ cd /home/pi/ncappzoo/apps/hello_ncs_py
$ python3 

 3. Download this file: and paste it into the /home/pi/ncappzoo/caffe/SSD_MobileNet folder. Do not change it's name or extention.

4. Make and run the demo using the following commands:

$ cd /home/pi/ncappzoo/apps/security-cam
$ make run

..... Obviously a camera is required. Mine is a USB logitech and it worked straight away.