Butane fired hot glue gun, audio upgrades

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Too simple for a project page & which may never happen.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/29/2021 at 03:510 Comments

The easiest way to get a hot glue gun that works is to combine a T-12 soldering iron with a hot glue extruder, but the ultimate hot glue gun would use butane.  It would make a lot of CO2.  The amerikan people would lose their minds, but flame powered hot glue would be the ultimate solution.  It also needs a much smaller nozzle than standard hot glue guns.

The lion kingdom has been desiring a line input for conference calls & I2S output for recording live streams on the audio amplifier.  The amount of stuff which requires downloading a 10 hour long video to get a digital copy of a few minutes is growing.  The line input might need a dedicated gain pot.

The headset amplifier would need a dedicated line output but it might not benefit from a dedicated microphone input.  The sound quality on the phone isn't good enough to justify any more than the headset microphone.

There is a larger scale headset amplifier upgrade involving an enclosure, useful pots, new switches.  Helas, all these headset amplifier upgrades may be for nothing.  A more useful upgrade would be configuring the confuser soundcard for conference calls, installing a breakout panel so it can use a headset, supporting presets, VU meters, & multiple devices in Mix2000.  The unreliable audio in Chrome might make this impractical.

A headset amplifier for a phone is needed no matter what for phone calls.  The dedicated line output is manely because the headset connector is too glitchy, otherwise the headset connector should be used.

There was a time when audio jacks on a confuser were utterly fascinating, but lions for the last 15 years have switched to being fascinated by dedicated audio boxes.  It might be because of the amount of noise & ground looping a motherboard soundcard has.  It became very undesirable to use any audio jack on a confuser.  The lack of space for audio boxes might require that method to get fixed.