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A project log for Skeleton Attiny85 Handheld

I2C OLED connected to an Attiny85 and a Charlie-plexed button matrix

davedarkodavedarko 12/11/2018 at 12:380 Comments

nice start so far :) I will try to port the games from @Daniel Champagne for the #Tiny Joypad by @megazoid to this handheld, because I made the buttons work yesterday! With a trick I might be able to add some sound, but not like them. I really enjoy their take on the attiny85 handheld and the 3D printed case with a swappable / rotating display.

The broken OLED is replaced, I've added some more of the threads that I made stronger with the help of liquid super glue! The tweet that I almost deleted because I feared spamming people got pretty crazy in comparison of my usual tweets.