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A Controller for a SCARA Arm

agp.cooperagp.cooper 01/28/2019 at 12:400 Comments


Created a GUI version of gCode2SCARA, call SCARA2gCodeTest (I seem to have messed up the name!). The GUI has the added advantage of communicating via a serial port (real or USB) to talk directly to Grbl:

Here is a typical input gCode file (that can been filtered using the input tolerance slider):

And the output (SCARA) gCode (that can also be adjusted to smoothness):

Note, I have deliberately set the offsets so that port of the file is out of bounds.

Just for fun, the stepper motor steps per revolution can be reduced (from 19200 to 3200):


Some minor bugs. with the filter code. Exporting some blank lines.

More bugs!

Implemented a Feed Speed control for the SCARA (it is a laser engraver after all). UV space is non-linear so need to issue an updated SCARA feed speed more often.

I have assumed Grbl is set to 100 steps per mm for each axis, so his needs to be added to the GUI interface.


If I abort Grbl while running, it locks it self. Even after soft-reset it needs a $X to unlock.


Updated the serial code to accept ttyACM0-7 as the AtMega2560 Pro-mini uses a different RS232 chip.


Otherwise, all good, AlanX