Board thickening

A project log for REMB - Raz0r Electric Mountain Board

An electric mountain board, built from scooter parts.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 07/22/2019 at 03:442 Comments

I want to put the cells in the thickness of the board.  It's too thin for that.

I decided today I was going to leave the bottom alone and instead glue some flooring plywood to the top to make it thicker.

Some flailing about attempting to use urethane to make a foam core happened.  If I had a press, perhaps.  I did not.

I was too slow, it expanded too much and got too hard to press it back down. Normally if you are quick, you can flatten out the foam and it then acts very much like urethane glue.  

I scraped it all back off and replaced it with some regular wood glue.

One layer may not be enough thickness though without the foam expansion.  Drying overnight and we will see tomorrow.


Ken Yap wrote 07/22/2019 at 05:55 point

Hmm, picture looks like the lousy pizza I had the other day. 😉

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Daren Schwenke wrote 07/22/2019 at 06:29 point

Good plan, poorly executed. Four clamps for my curved surface was laughable.  I made lightweight shelves for the RV the same way, but there I had much lower humidity and about a ton of pressure to keep my sandwich flat.

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