V1 PCB almost complete

A project log for nRF52832 esk8 remote

Custom pcb using the nRF's built in micro, ADC, PWM

dudeskidaddydudeskidaddy 12/27/2018 at 18:580 Comments

Almost done with the PCB v1 (see pic)  that combines the SparkFun NRF breakout with a battery charger circuit.    I made no changes to the NRF breakout other than move the ISP programming pins to make room for the VCC connection coming from the bottom end.  The final version will considerably smaller since it will eliminate most of the unused breakout IO pins..only keeping those needed for the display, throttle, on/off.  

The NRF 52832 is Near-Field capable, so I may add a NF antenna and use it for pairing.