Lion got vector graphics too!

A project log for Lion FPGA CPU/Computer

A 16-bit FPGA CPU I call Lion CPU and a computer, the Lion computer. Everything built from scratch.

LeonLeon 10/19/2019 at 14:380 Comments

Added a vector graphics controller in the fpga with 4K dedicated ram for 1024 vector end points.

Now it uses 3x MPC4822 12bit dacs for all channels.

It produces the x,y,z output signals that I feed in my recently acquired HP-1330A X-Y Display Monitor.

I implemented the Bresenham's line algorithm in the fpga to draw a line from the previous drawn point to the last one.

I converted the Astro java demo game for vector graphics!

Raster and Vector graphics are totally independent and can display concurrently.

The following picture was taken before implementing the line draw algorithm:

And the next photo is with the line algorithm, unfortunately with my phone camera lines look fat, in reality they look much better: