WiFi Satellite Mini

A project log for New WiFi Satellite #35c3

Monitoring and logging traffic of all 14 2.4GHz WiFi channels! Now even better :D

Stefan KremserStefan Kremser 12/20/2018 at 08:450 Comments

Since we're building a new WiFi Satellite, that left our build from last year lonley in a drawer...

I was not able to rebuild the old satellite due to USB connection issues with most of the modules. I repaired a couple of them by soldering on new USB connectors.
Of course the other modules can also be repaired but it takes patience, time and a steady soldering hand!

So my idea was to make a mini WiFi Satellite to recycle some of the old modules and test the software before we build the big new WiFi Satellite on the congress itself.

Here's the result: