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A project log for You Are Here

Various PCBs in location pin shape with a LED to guide the way and they are #not_a_badge

magicwolfiMagicWolfi 12/29/2018 at 02:370 Comments

JLCPCB offered me to test their PCB service, so here we go. The test subject will be my 2nd installment of my artistic PCB theme named 'You Are Here'. This time a modern take on a location pin that shows up on many location features all over our modern life. Quoting and ordering through the JLC web interface is as painless a it gets. You upload a Gerber zip archive, pick your PCB parameters and get an instant price including shipping and an estimated delivery time. It starts at less than 3.00CAD for green boards 10cm x 10cm in standard 1.6mm thickness. My board was slightly more expensive as I opted for red soldermask and leadfree HASL finish, cause the boards might become my second batch of pins to be sold on Tindie.

The quality is excellent, all features came out exactly as I had them designed. The PCB layers are aligned perfectly, no overlapping of soldermask or silkscreen onto the pads.

Silkscreen resolution is adequate, the rastering only starts showing up slightly on angled lines.

Everything was very good to be soldered, even with the lead free HASL finish, I just increased the temperature of the iron by ~30 deg.

One very special feature that JLC is offering, is the location selection of the serial number that they are printing on the board during manufacturing. If you put a text string called 'JLCJLCJLCJLC' on the desired location on the board, they are going to use it for the serial number. This guarantees visible features to be not altered at all. It is even possible to put this string under a component body and then it will not be visible at all. This is especially helpful for artistic PCBs that should have at least 1 side exactly as designed. 

Shipping through DHL was without any problems, the boards arrived from China to Canada in 7 days after the order was placed.