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Synchronized LED Light Show

alex-bowenAlex Bowen 06/27/2019 at 00:230 Comments

What's New?

In the time since the last update, I've wrapped up production on the centerpiece units, and designed and implemented a basic control system. To tackle the problem of adjusting audio processing settings to fit the acoustics of the room, I had a trusted friend and member of the ushing team use a web app on a tablet to make sure they looked perfect. I'll have some more details on what exactly everything did eventually, but for now, here's a screenshot:

Also, I finally have some footage of the centerpieces in action! I had hoped to get some more, but I was, you know, enjoying my wedding. What follows is some very rough footage that I took very late in the evening when they were behaving particularly nicely. Wouldn't you know it, the Cha-Cha Slide really emphasized their capability, so I hastily grabbed a quick shot on my phone camera.

What's Next?

Not much. I'd like to fill in a few details that were left out of this blog in my haste to finish the project. Interestingly enough, one guest decided they really wanted to take one of the pieces home, so I'd like to get some instructions in place to explain how to make them at home. I'm also considering making a cohesive video detailing the entire project.