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morningstarMorning.Star 01/14/2019 at 23:250 Comments

It took me a little while to get all the cardboard together, and come up with a reasonable scale for the thing.

The boxes were mostly standard mover's cartons, and opened up are 6'x3'. There are also some smaller ones, and after a fashion I managed to arrange them so.

That works out to a version of this 7 feet high and around 10 feet long. The model is an Avery Label printed with the template and stuck to tinfoil.

First, I began sticking the boxes together with the parcel tape, and coated them with glue all over. I really had no idea of the scale of the thing, even though I know the measurements of the yard and the template.

This is just two boxes, one end, less than a quarter of the area needed. :-D

See what I mean about the cut-price paving slabs?

Next, I unrolled the tinfoil on the glue, carefully lining it up with a small overlap. These lapped edges will be pointing downwards so the skin is waterproof naturally, and I dont have to seal it further.

Then, as the light was beginning to go and I didnt have time to complete another, I put it aside to dry properly, and I'll carry on tomorrow weather permitting. That should dry nicely even if it rains.

Oh man I love this foil. And so will Bea :-D