YamPAD project log 7

A project log for YamPAD - Feature-packed open source macropad

A fully open-source, mechanical, hot-swappable, RGB backlit, QMK powered, OLED screen featuring numpad/macropad.

Mattia Dal BenMattia Dal Ben 05/19/2019 at 18:250 Comments

Some more pics and firmware....

I finally got around to write some code. Here you can find it. In short it can be used as a standard numpad, pressing the key where you usually find the NumLock toggles the Navigation layer which enables the nav cluster.
I also added a layer that controls the RGB backlight.

The OLED screen display information about the layer status, the NumLock, ScrollLock and CapsLock status and RGB settings... But I want to add something more in the future.

All of this obviously was made possibile by the awesome work of the QMK community.

While I was at it I also took some more pics, enjoy...