Okay I'll go first, this is a list of crap I'm bringing that anyone can use.

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Join us to talk about all things Superconference (Pasadena, Nov 5+6), this chat includes badge hacking!

zakqwyzakqwy 11/05/2016 at 15:020 Comments

As I stuff my backpack full of random shit this morning in south Pasadena, I'm reminded of all the cool projects I had in mind when I acquired said shit over the last few years. Generally speaking, I didn't bring any materials to the conference that I'm not willing to part with, although some of the more expensive items (such as the Moog slip ring) may require a bit more persuasion to pry from my clutches. My preference is that this stuff is used for badge hacking at the con, but I'm also happy to supply bits and pieces for off-site projects provided you eventually show me what you made.



Output Devices

Bare components (mostly SMT)

Other random interesting items

Tools (that can be used but not taken)


I'm probably forgetting a few things. If any of this crap seems useful, find me today or tomorrow.