Breadboard-based selfie camera

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There are point and click cameras, but there is no point in existence of this one

szajaSzaja 01/26/2019 at 13:390 Comments

There is no better start than fast one with quick success. Luckily I had all the components for the first prototype of the camera readily available: besides AMG8833 IR sensor I took Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express and Pimoroni Unicorn HAT (which of course is not breadboard compatible, but using some goldpin headers I was able to stick it in without shorting any signals).

For ease of development power is supplied from USB 3.0 fast charging port from my laptop and up to now there was no problem with that. Nevertheless good tip is to look for a brightness setting in NeoPixel driving library to both save current draw and your eyes. These LEDs are really bright, so I set brightness value for no more than 0.1.

As for the code I utilized readily available libraries for NeoPixel driving and IR sensor communication from Adafruit. Only challenge to get it going was to write some code to convert temperature values to LEDs colours. I had an idea how to do that, but somehow failed to convert it into working code. I mean code does work, but not as I was expecting. Nevertheless one of the strong points of CircuitPython came in for the help. I was able to find by a try and error method value for crucial variable used by my code to give more or less satisfying results on the output. It was really easy to do, because code restarts when you save a file stored on the device. That's handy. I will go back to that later.