Added a setting for X number of bad images b4 failing:

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Use PrintRite to watch your printer so you can sleep/work/etc without worry of failures destroying your equipment

ericeric 03/05/2019 at 19:120 Comments

Thanks to everyone following this project!

I'll try to keep the updates coming, I have work too so some might be very incremental. Like this one: 

I had the script set to NOT FAIL until 3 images were classified as a failure in the posted youtube demo video. I figured this is a value someone may want to change, although I found 3 to be just about right. Might be it's just right for that particular model. So I added a setting for this, defaults to "3".  Should I reset the count to zero after a certain amount of time?  Maybe the printer gets past a tough spot and almost used up all it's chances, and deserves a reset on it's "lives". 

I'm open to suggestions. Maybe another setting that "After X many layers reset count" or "after X min" or "X fails during X time" ?

Here's how it stands now: