First Hardware Iteration Assembled!

A project log for HapticEye Clock

Gone are the days of waking up in the night, forcing your eyes open to check the time, and then blinding yourself with your phone backlight!

Michael KafarowskiMichael Kafarowski 02/23/2019 at 21:300 Comments

I recently ordered my revision 1 PCB, and got it back yesterday. With a few minor tweaks to the hardware and software, the system worked great on the first try!

Last-Minute Tweaks to the Rev 1 board

Next Steps

There are definitely a few improvements to make on the next revision. Now that I am confident with the circuit I'm going to try to reduce it's footprint, that means replacing the massive DIP-28 and beeper packages with smaller, probably surface mount parts. I'm also going to implement the battery backup on the RTC. I also have plans for other features, such as a clap detector circuit or a low-energy conversion so that the circuit can be used with batteries (perhaps as a watch).