LB-322 close to completion

A project log for Landbeest walking robot

Terrain-going quadruped. 3D printable. Two servo drive.

Dejan RisticDejan Ristic 01/11/2020 at 06:440 Comments

Finally had some time to work on the project again over the Christmas holiday. I'm pretty happy with the result, but still needs some minor tweaking.

The main improvement is that the cam mechanism has been relocated to the bottom side of the chassis. This makes for easier placement of batteries and electronics on top of the robot.

I've also modified the design to bring size and weight down, and to make assembly a bit easier. 

Leg hinges now uses 1.75 mm filament as pins instead of M3 screws.

I've abandoned my plans to migrate the design to OpenSCAD for now. Ever since I began programming professionally I've mostly lost interest in coding on my free time. Funny how that works.