Making some new STL 3D models as a base design

A project log for ESP32-MeshKit custom RGB LED Lamps

Use this RGB Leds that are in your garage to build your own Lights. As simple as Leds, Ω and soldiering (To be safe max. 30 mA per GPIO)

Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 02/13/2019 at 15:180 Comments

I got some nice messages about the Lamp idea and some requests to make some standard designs. I must say I'm not a great designer in 3D-Modelling and just started doing small things mainly for my own stuff about a year ago.

But anyways since there is some interest I will extend my initial design and make 3 different lines. All based on the fact that most PCB comes with a width of 10 cm:

All ready to be sliced and 3D-printed by you or just to order it so someone else prints it in one of this nice 3D platforms like thingiverse
About  the LEDs I use standard transparent 5 / 10 mm RGB and some warm white and cold white for some lamps. The cool thing is that is your lamp so you can put inside whenever you like, there are no limitations here ;)

Just keep in mind to separate power from logik with more than 30mA or your ESP32 will warm and possible some GPIOs will need to be buried. Options vary. Will make a dedicated log about this on the next weekends.