uTerm-S preview: a VT100-like terminal for multi-user OS

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An homemade FPGA board with an Arduino STM32, "Multicomp" compatible

Just4FunJust4Fun 04/24/2019 at 07:310 Comments

Wanting to test some multi-user MP/M configurations, I've decided to make a VT100-like "stand-alone" terminal starting from the uTerm, the VT100 terminal for the Z80-MBC2 board.

I've decided to use THP parts (of course the STM32 is SMD only...) so it may be easier to build for others "retro" stuff too.

Here a first preview of the uTerm-S. In this version the "transparent" serial-USB port can manage the RTS/CTS HW handshaking (the RTS/CTS signals must be present on the serial-USB adapter):

Of course this is not enough. An other board must be done with at least a 4-ports (for 4 users/terminals) serial RS232 adapter for the "The Thing" board...

...or a couple of 2-channels RS232 adapters with both DB9 or screw connectors, and two specular TTL connectors (J1 and J2) so I can rotate the board by 180° and choose the most handy position:


Now testing the "stand-alone" VT100 terminal with RS232...:

...with the RTC/CTS handshaking on the "transparent" serial-USB connector: