The "MP/M experiment"

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An homemade FPGA board with an Arduino STM32, "Multicomp" compatible

Just4FunJust4Fun 07/19/2019 at 07:320 Comments

This is a crazy experiment that I've done using my own HW, just because I was curious to see a MP/M system running in a "real" situation with 4 concurrent terminal/users.

The FPGA board runs a VHDL Z80 Multicomp with MP/M 2.1, HD on SD and 4 serial ports (I've ported it from the Retrobrew site adding the needed modifications):

One FPGA serial port (Serial 1) is connected to the STM32 MCU inside the board, and the STM32 runs a "sketch" to act as a serial-USB bridge. So the USB connector is used to power the board and also to connect the Serial 1 port of the Multicomp (inside the FPGA) to a terminal emulator (on a PC):

Here the setup I've used:

and the video: