1. What have we got?

A project log for How to Hack a Table Lamp?

This project is about hacking a Table Lamp to extend or disable the integrated Auto-Shutoff.

stefan-xpStefan-Xp 02/07/2019 at 22:050 Comments

What we got is a small Batterypowered Table Lamp:

"Philips LED Tischleuchte, batteriebetrieben, tragbar, weiß [Energieklasse A+]"

From first view a lovely table lamp. But it is also very annoying, that it shuts down after only 15 Minutes.

I checked all components on the PCB:

So the U1 is a "black box" there is AFAIK not much to do with the existing pcb.

The "Sleep Current" is about < 0,2µA @ 4,8V.

So there are some possible solutions:

* Maybe there would be a possibility to enable the Power only after press of the Button?.. if not it would definitely break the energy rating (Battery Life).

I'm still open for further Ideas. Please let me know in the comments.