5. The not so specialised µC Board

A project log for How to Hack a Table Lamp?

This project is about hacking a Table Lamp to extend or disable the integrated Auto-Shutoff.

stefan-xpStefan-Xp 02/20/2019 at 20:150 Comments

To realize the "Hack" for 5 lamps i just did a small PCB Design which should be sufficient to cover this project on a budget.

The Schematic is in General only a Breakout for the MSP430G2231EP. Therefore i call it the MSP430 Barebone PCB. I added a DC Converter for the µC and 3 Outputs which may feature a BC817 NPN Transistor:

There are also some emty Pads because of having is better than needing ;-)

This is how the Desing looked like in Eagle :-)

This is how the board house rendered it from top side:

They also promised, that it will arrive this week ^^ (It is already shipping) Stay tuned.