I Reached Hackaday Price Finals - Yeah!

A project log for Unfolding Space

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Jakob KilianJakob Kilian 09/18/2019 at 12:400 Comments

Hey together,

this will be a short log, as I am a bit busy and as I'm working hard on the preparation for the Hackaday Price Finals 2019 which I have been nominated for. In the final round there are 20 amazing projects – all of them have huuuge potential and some of them are indeed very advanced and technically complex. Therefore I feel very honoured to be nominated with a more interaction-, design- and concept-focused project. 

Furthermore I won a Mark in the Taiwanese Golden Pin Concept Design Award and I run for the "best ofs". In this connection I got also featured on which I am extremely happy too. :-)

Last but not least I wrote an application for a research assignment together with my university. If this will work, I could dive deeper into the research and hopefully speed up the process..

These are the reasons why I am currently producing video footage for the documentation like this interview here ;-)

There is still a lot to do, but there will be news very soon. Thanks for your support!