Connection Issues - Solved?

A project log for Unfolding Space

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Jakob KilianJakob Kilian 09/28/2019 at 17:160 Comments

Another short Log on the busy way of reviewing and documenting all my work. (Next Log will be about the code, promised) 

I wish to have just one cable and therefore one plug to connect between computing unit and glove. But as I need 8 wires (2 for power consumption for the motors, 2 for i2c and another 4 for USB 2.0 fro the ToF camera) it was difficult to find a standard with a handy, small plug and socket... Therefore I just used a HDMI micro cable – Neat idea isn't it? Nope!. It seemed to work in the beginning and I could successfully connect the camera and drive the motors. 


After some time the trouble began: the camera disconnected randomly and finally wasn't connectable at all. A friend of me now told me the (possible) reason for that: Even on this short distance of 40cm the HDMI cable might cause problems as it doesn't have USB specs and therefore a different impedance. I would never had thought of this, but after some research of course it makes sense.

That means: For the development I am currently connecting the camera via an extra USB cable (meeeh), but I am looking for an alternative cable...

Stay tuned,