Framing the CPU

A project log for Gold186

A freeformed computer based on an Intel 80186 with 16 KB eprom, 1 MB ram and a serial port.

matsengmatseng 02/08/2019 at 11:260 Comments

I want to have the CPU prominently visible in the design so I used the technique with having high value resistors for mechanical support of the parts.

To get everything neatly aligned and even I made a template (in Eagle) and printed it to aid me during soldering and bending. 

 I was a bit afraid that the thin gold layer that are connections on the ceramic chip would break off when I bend the resistors, but apparently they are more robust than I expected or I was just lucky because when I was done everything was still in one piece.

I really would like to keep the "rays" outside of the frame, but I know they will end up being bent and crooked in all directions before I'm done soldering up all of the parts in this project so I cut them off. ;-(.