Stage 3, CP/M-ready Hardware

A project log for Building a 22MHz Z80 Computer in 4 Stages

Step-by-step instruction on building a high-performance, CP/M-ready, expandable Z80 computer

plasmodePlasmode 03/01/2019 at 14:590 Comments

While it is possible to have CP/M reside in system that has only non-volatile RAM, Most CP/M system have a mass storage device in form of floppy disk, hard disk, and/or flash disk.  The Z80SBC64 is designed with a compact flash disk interface.  The hardware addition is simple, just solder a IDE44 adapter to the CF interface and Voila, we now have the CP/M capability.

CP/M software, however, is quite a bit more involved.  Fortunately a system integration guide for porting CP/M to specific hardware is still readily available from Internet. is a well-know repository of CP/M for Z80 and other processors.  It is not my intention to provide a tutorial on porting CP/M to Z80, but I do want to describe certain CP/M related functions specific to Z80SBC64 in next project.