New housing just arrived

A project log for USB-C-PD Soldering Pen for Weller RT Tips

Small and powerfull controlling unit powerd from USB-C-PD

thomas-leputschThomas Leputsch 09/17/2019 at 15:110 Comments

The order of the 3D-Printed cases just arrived. I'm very impressed by the precision and surface.

The three joints from the cap to the main body printed as expected. To remove them just cut them near the cap than  do break/cut the remaining joints off with a small flat screwdriver. Very easy and time-saving when doing larger batches.

The parts are made of Nylon and have a nice semigloss black finish with an rough surface which has a very good grip and feel. No fingerprints are visible on the surface. 

For now I used the not so nice cut old stickers I had here but im currently working on new one. 

The sticker at the USB-C side also secures the -already tight in place- cap from falling off.

Here are some photos: