Project Overview

A project log for Indoor 3D Localization with Sound

A project completed for MIT's ProjX program in 2016 to develop a low-cost indoor 3D localization system using time-of-flight of sound waves.

Jake WachlinJake Wachlin 02/10/2019 at 18:510 Comments

This project uses sound and light to perform low-cost indoor 3D localization. See summary video below for the overview.

While the idea was to use infrared light and ultrasonic sound so that the system wouldn't be detectable to humans, ultrasonic transducers are much more difficult to find than those for audible sound. Therefore, the system was built using audible sound. The update rate in the video above is relatively slow, only because the noise is too annoying. Otherwise, this could easily be run at much higher update rates.

While it worked pretty well for short ranges, especially for linear distance measurement, there are some major limitations and challenges not dealt with here: