The Dark Side Probe

A project log for The Dark Side Challenge

A DIY Arduino robot project for teaching kids how to combine machine autonomy with human decision points. And programming.

nicolas-guilbertNicolas Guilbert 06/13/2019 at 21:580 Comments

The Dark Side Probe is about using the Dark Side Challenge software stack to collect information in a remote area, with a particular attention to battery life & power consumption

The current version consists of an Arduino Pro Mini managing a SIM7000E GSM+GPS module.

We have simply added the SIM7000 functionality by reusing (refactoring) most of the existing ESP8266 code.

What we are still missing is:

 * to find out how to make the SIM7000 enter sleep mode

 * reduce the time it takes to get a GSM connection (currently takes >10 min). The target is a few seconds, as we would like to achieve a year-long battery life.

 * get GPS information from the SIM7000, possibly using Assisted GPS