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A DIY Arduino robot project for teaching kids how to combine machine autonomy with human decision points. And programming.

nicolas-guilbertNicolas Guilbert 09/29/2019 at 11:440 Comments

Since the last post, a number of things have happened. We ended up winning the Ultimate Arduino Challenge 2019 \o/ and won a spot at the Maker Faire Rome \o/ .

So in a couple of weeks, we're off to Italy. We'll be visiting the Arduino development and manufacturing centers in Turin, visit the da Vinci Museum in Florence and finally spend four days in Rome for the MFR19.

That will also be the baptism of fire of our Flying Hacker Lab - a transportable maker space aimed at engaging people - and particularly educators - in hacking.

The fully deployed lab consists of six stations:

 * a soldering workshop for soldering all kinds of stuff, including jewelry

 * a robot assembly corner

 * a 3D printing workshop

 * a programming corner

 * a robot Dark Side Challenge test track

 * a hyggelig story-telling and drawing corner

Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting the trip and the Flying Hacker Lab:









Soldered Jewelry
Soldered Jewelry

Test track testing
Test track testing

Unboxing the Hacker Lab
Unboxing the Hacker Lab