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A project log for TIRO Vibrating Watch

TIRO (Time is Running Out) is a watch that vibrates every few minutes to remind the user that time in this world is quickly running out.

accidentalrebelAccidentalRebel 04/07/2019 at 00:010 Comments

I've been wearing the watch constantly for two weeks already and it has been working great. Thanks to the slider switch that I added the battery life has been extended even more.

The only thing that I want to improve with this build is how it looks. The case is too bulky and, i admit, not that good looking that my wife is always unsure whenever I try to wear it in public. This of course, defeats the purpose of my design. So the next obvious step is to go smaller. And this can be done by using SMD components.

I've already designed a circuit in Eagle which has been a fun experience.

The only thing keeping me from continuing with this is delivery costs of the printed PCB and the parts. I can go with the cheapest delivery options but I'm afraid it'll get lost in transit, or worse, in our country's customs.

Another option that I'm leaning towards right now is to re-layout the circuit and making it more compact as possible. For me to know what new layout I should aim for, I bought a watch band that looks better looking but also has limited space.

Here are some not-so-well-thought-out ideas that might help make this possible:

It's a long shot but I think it's doable. I'll think about this some more and will post an update when I'm ready.