As it happens, my multi-meter doesn't have a buzzer to test continuity and it is a little bit annoying to keep looking at the display ...

My first idea was to hack it to add a buzzer but it happened to be not that easy ...

Second idea was to build a continuity tester using a buzzer so I could hear that cool "beeeeeep" when there is continuity but I realized that that cool beep could not be that cool for my housemates 2am in the morning ....

Winner solution ... to use an old mobile motor so I can "feel" continuity without looking at any display or led while my housemates can still enjoy their sleep.


- Old mobile motor

- Two nails

- Some wire

- Hole experimental board

- Two old white board markers

- AA battery

- Cardboard

- hot glue gun


- I rolled a piece of cardboard to make some room for the motor in one of the markers.

- hole boards were cut with a  scissor.

- I soldered a nail to one pin of the motor and the other pin of the motor to a circular pcb that fits exactly in the marker.

Nails are secured with hot glue