RAM Expansion arrived, and CPUs on the way

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A full-featured Motorola 68k retro computer, starring a 68010 running at 8MHz

Ross BamfordRoss Bamford 04/20/2020 at 22:000 Comments

With their usual speed, JLC got the RAM boards manufactured and shipped to me before I'd had chance to gather all the components (I'm still waiting on some right-angle pin-header sockets), so I quickly soldered one up to test it out and happy to say it works perfectly. Here it is hooked up, in the 2MB configuration:

I'll be offering this on Tindie soon in case anyone else wants to expand their RAM. Do you need a RAM expansion for the rosco_m68k? I mean, this thing supports 4MB (and you can technically have more than one connected, though I haven't finished the bus board design yet) - no-one could ever need that much RAM, right? :D 

In other news, I'm finally seeing some movement on the 68010's I ordered a few weeks ago. After quite a bit of back and forth, I'm reasonably sure that these are the real-deal (not like the fakes I unfortunately picked up a month or so ago). Pictures have been sent, date-codes have been checked and assurances have been given, so all that's left is to actually receive them and test them. Needless to say, if they aren't genuine I'll unfortunately have to keep holding out for CPU stock for Tindie orders. That said, I have a good feeling this time around (and I have some backups on order too, just in case ;) ).