Some more Maker Faire stuff

A project log for uECG - a very small wearable ECG

It's cheap, doesn't use a specialized heart rate AFE and can blink LEDs with your pulse :)

Ultimate RoboticsUltimate Robotics 10/17/2020 at 07:510 Comments

We were so deep in Maker Faire preparations that accidentally posted two logs about the event authored by two different team members. Anyway, the last one has more useful links, so we decided not to delete it and just edited a bit.

Main Empire State Maker Faire 2020 page. The event is live from 16 to 17th October, with Friday reserved for more student and school-oriented events and the rest for the Saturday. 

So our stream's today (Oct 17) 10:30 EST. Come chat! 

Link to the stream here:

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