Smart Garage: Control Panel

As many buttons as you want. Any additional widgets. Other capabilities are on the way

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At some point they stopped making nice 2-3 buttons garage door openers.
That was my motivation to take nice flat 7" touchscreen monitor for Raspberry Pi, and build garage door opener, with motion detector and racing start button

Also, I'm planning to add extra functionality, like integration with Chamberlain Security+ 2.0, Amazon Echo, IP Camera support and etc.

Ignition switch needed because Raspberry Pi is a computer, and you may need to reboot it once in a while. Start button on this panel not in use, but I guess you can find use of it, like open car trunk or something. 

I replaced red light on ignition board with motion sensor, so display will go off if nothing is going on.

Neodymium magnets used to secure components on the wall, so all hardware is easy accessible if something is broken or for future modifications

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi, with micro SD card and power supply
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display
  • 1 × Breakable Single Row pin header Strip
  • 10 × 15MM X 2MM Neodymium Disc Super Strong Rare-Earth N50 Small Fridge Magnets
  • 1 × 5V Relay Shield for Raspberry Pi

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    ​Make holes in the garage wall

    Make two holes in the garage wall, one for display, and other for racing car ignition switch.

    It is the most important step, because after that there is no way back, you will finish the project :)

    Also, I put micro USB power supply 5V / 3000mA behind thiis wall and send Ethernet cable. I prefer not to use wi-fi for smart things if possible, but it doesn't really important.

    In my installation display with RPi sits fine because of it's own weight and wires, so there is no need to secure it additionally, but for ignition switch I used neodymium magnets. I guess you can do the same for display if needed

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    Put together Display, RPi and Relay Shield

    That's easy enough, stack RPi on top of display, manual has wiring instructions. After that, put relay shield on top. 

    If relay shield doesn't have standoffs included, I used these: Standoffs for Raspberry Pi M2.5 x 11mm + 5mm Brass Hexagon

    As a result you will get nice 3 layers cake, like this one:

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    Now, how do we control garage doors? Older garage doors was simple, they have 2 wire system. Connect 2 wires, and garage door is started opening. or closing. Connect wires thru capacitor, and light goes on or off. 

    New garage doors have something called Security+ 2.0. Still 2 wires, but connecting them doesn't work any more. Not sure what it has to do with security, since it is wired connection anyway, but now on wall garage opener button will cost you $7 at minimum. 

    I have 2 garage doors, one is old, other is Security+ 2.0, so I'll show you how to deal with both. Obviously you can come up with your own Frankenstein, by soldering into garage door opener remote for example.

    So, let's take  3X7 DIY Prototyping Board and drill few wholes in it. 2 of them to secure board on Raspberry Pi, 1 or 2 others to send wires thru:

    Put capacitor, and other staff on. Pin headers will bee used to mount security+ board, terminal block to connect to garage door opener wires:

    This is bottom, I hope you can user soldering iron better than I do :)

    Now, Security+ 2.0. There are 2 push buttons, black to open door, white to turn on light. Solder twisted wire to both of them (I removed white button): 

    And now, put it all together:

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