A project log for Open Modular Electronics Bench

The Open Modular Electronics Bench is the first Open Source Low-Cost Modular Data Acquisition System

James RowleyJames Rowley 06/26/2019 at 01:460 Comments

So you might notice a lack of updates here...

A month or so ago we decided to pivot our entry for the Hackaday Prize. OMEB's core value is its extensibility, but for it to really function in the maker community it requires a healthy ecosystem surrounding it. We had plans for several modules to give it a running start, but ultimately those dilute the goal of creating a framework and are liable to even overtake it in terms of customer value, at least initially. So we decided to shelf the plans for OMEB and reduce our scope to a single tool which would be similarly impactful with a much lower outward complexity. Indeed, the focus became simplicity, and we are glad to announce that the Probe-Scope is coming along swimmingly.

The Probe-Scope is a completely self-contained 50MHz oscilloscope, with a USB port on one end and a probe on the other. We've just sent out our subsystem test boards for manufacturing, and will be working of software these next couple weeks before packing everything in a box small enough to fit on a cable. You can follow our progress on the new project page:

We still are fond of the OMEB concept and believe it has value, and hope to return to it someday. Perhaps for the Hackaday Prize 2020! Thanks for your interest - we hope you'll be equally interested in the Probe-Scope.