Second Board Soldered & a Manual Stencil Holder

A project log for FBus: Open FPGA Realtime Bus

Defining and implementing a bus protocol that is built around low-cost FPGAs to enable modular and affordable control and DAQ systems.

flowflow 04/17/2019 at 18:200 Comments

Unfortunately I forgot to select the option to get the solder stencil cut to size. So It was quite uncomfortable to work with. And on the first Board it often slightly warped away from the Board an caused solder paste leaking around the pads. I tried my best to hold the stencil down with my hands but one corner would always eventually lift. To combat that I laser cut a small U-shape from Plywood to have a more easy way to hold the stencil down. With that I experienced no more leaking solder pads.

Probably I was just reinventing the wheel. Nevertheless, with this thing I managed to solder the second board and it turned out perfect except for two little tombstoned 0402. And there it is: