Some trouble with the CPU board

A project log for FBus: Open FPGA Realtime Bus

Defining and implementing a bus protocol that is built around low-cost FPGAs to enable modular and affordable control and DAQ systems.

flowflow 04/30/2019 at 21:300 Comments

The first problem I had whil working on the CPU board is that I locked out my self. I should have added an erase button. Which was easily made good for with some hot glue.

Now I am struggeling with the W5100 that I want to use for the ethernet communication and the upload of the bitstreams. The Oscillator doesn't start unless I touch the oscilator circuit with my finger. So I presume something is off with the capacitors. If somebody has debugged something like this before I would be happy about some pointers. (So far I never took to much care about Crystal resonators and they always worked out)