Printed and assembled the coxas

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Yet another 3d printed hexapod, but this one is mine! (and it's matte black)

Fran├žois Ubald BrienFran├žois Ubald Brien 04/04/2019 at 20:120 Comments

2019-03-31 Printed and assembled the coxas.

Printing the coxas
Such a long print with all that support
Removing the support is so relaxing
There are pieces of support material all over my apartment now.
I like the look of this

Unfortunately, I had designed the parts with enough clearance for a 0.2mm print but I decided to go with 0.3 at the last minute. So the slicer didn't round the values in my favor everywhere and I had to remove material with a knife to make the femur motor fit. Some screw holes even cracked as I was putting the screws in. It looks like it still holds for now but I definitely have to add more material around the coxas side tabs and maybe print in the other direction to make them stronger over the servo horn ones.