Ultratronics Pro v1.0: Programming setup

A project log for Building the Thor robot

Building a 6-axis robot based on the Thor robot. When size DOES matter!

Olaf BaeyensOlaf Baeyens 12/18/2016 at 02:030 Comments

The Thor project I am building will be based on a Ultratronics Pro v1.0.

I do not have any experience with this board at this moment, so it is a wild jump into programming it as a Arduino Due.

This board is very similar to the populair Megatronics board, but it has much more power due to the 32-bit Atmega SAM3X8E clocked at 84Mhz.

Go to Boards manager

You can use the Arduino software to program it, but you must install "Arduino SAM Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M3) by Arduino version 1.6.9"

Now select the "Arduino Due (Programming Port)"

The controller board has 2 micro USB ports, one is the programming port the other one is a normal USB port.

I do not have any RAMPS yet to control my motors so I only tested with a on board LED blink and retrieve serial communication just like I would on a normal Arduino.