Raspberry Pi Entertainment System

How to turn a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming machine?

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Ever thought of having your own retro gaming machine? Well...This guide will help you build it using a Raspberry Pi and a few other components!!!!

The below video will give you an idea of the project.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • 1 × SeeedStudio Piboxy Case for Raspberry PI
  • 1 × Game Controller

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    Hardware connection

    To build a Retro Game Machine, you need a Raspberry Pi, a Piboxy Case, a Game Controller, a Speaker and a Screen at least.

    Piboxy Case is used as Power Control, which allows you control your Paspberry Pi via on-case buttons and IR. So you need to connect them like Offical Instruction Manual.

    Please be careful about the connection, otherwise it will damage your Pi.

    After pulling your Raspberry Pi into the Case, you can connect other device to it. Such as Screen, Speaker and Game Controller.

    Besides, you may need a keyboard when configure your Retro Game Machine.

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    Software configuration

    RetroPie system

    We can download RetroPie system image from here, unzip and use Win32DiskImager burn it to a TF card after it downloaded.

    Then insert the TF card to your Raspberry Pi, if you already pulled your Pi into Piboxy Case, you can use Power button on the case or IR Remote Control to switch it on.

    When the system is first booted, it will extend file system to whold TF card automatically, and restart soon.

    Game Controller

    If you see this screen, you can hold any button on your Game Controller to enter Configuring screen.

    In Configuring screen, you can refer the picture below to configure buttons. The button unused in Configuring screen, can be skipped by hold any button.

    Audio and Wi-Fi

    Now you can see the Main screen of RetroPie, press A key in Game Controller to enter Configuration.

    If you are using a Speaker rather than a HDMI audio output, move cursor to AUDIO, and choose Headphones - 3.5mm jack.

    After configure audio, move cursor to WIFI. Before configure Wi-Fi, you need to setup your keyboard layout, select Yes, and you will enter raspi-config. In raspi-config, choose Localisation Options -- Change Keyboard Layout, then select a layout in the list.

    Normally, choose Genereic 104-key PC -- English(US) -- The default for the keyboard layout -- No compose key, then finish and exit raspi-config.

    Then you can Connect to Wi-Fi network, select your Wi-Fi SSID, and enter password uses keyboard.

    Upload game ROMs

    Open Windows Explorer in your PC, type "\\yourraspberrypi_ip" in address bar, and you can copy game ROMs to roms floder now.

    For example, we copied a Pokemon's rom file to roms/gba folder.

    Install Piboxy driver

    That's not done yet, RetroPie system is based on the Raspbian, so you can press F4 key in keyboard to enter Raspbian command line. We can use Raspbian command line to install driver of Piboxy.

    bash curl -sSL <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> | bash

    When you see Synchronization completed, you can use buttons or IR Remote Control to control Raspberry Pi boot/reboot/shutdown instead of forced power outage.

    Now reboot your Retro Game Machine, play and have fun.

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