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A project log for Axiom: 100+kW Motor Controller

High Power, High Performance 400V 300A 100+kW Motor Controller fully compatible with VESC

Marcos ChaparroMarcos Chaparro 06/13/2019 at 22:302 Comments

Laying rubber at 700Amps

Meet Hackey's team using an early version of Axiom to have some fun! As much as we love emissions-free vehicles, this ain't one, but its certainly the hackiest build out there!

Now lets do a quick recap:

As you may notice in the video, they built an old version of Axiom, the one we released here. Main differences with the latest and greatest revision competing for the Hackaday Prize are these:

They use the same 650V 600A Infineon EconoDual modules we showcase in our project description. If you take a look at the datasheet they are rated for continuous 600Amps DC (no switching!) at 60°C, and 700Adc at 25°C.

The user interface of most FOC controllers sets peak current. So when you set 700A, its actually 700Apk, (496Arms). Its crazy current, but still manageable for short periods.

A fun thing to note is that they are using only a 70V battery and getting 52kW of power, but their IGBTs are perfectly capable of going all the way up to 400Vdc, so it could be way past 200kW!  Yes, thats 270hp!

In a bike!

Granted, a very special battery would be required, safety and turn-off overshoot needs to be carefully handled (a cool log about this critical part will be posted soon).


ImageLiquid cooling!
ImageI actually don't know how that coldplate was made, pretty sure it wasn't CNC machined.

This isn't the highest power Axiom out there, but its a cool one that sorted out a ton of challenges on a very short budget. Its also one of the few not under an NDA!

We are hoping to see them tidying up the wiring and securing down everything to make it safer, and its cool to see that the design still works even with long wiring and the old 2-board approach.

Axiom is literally empowering people from all around the world to achieve a 100kW-class motor drives, because we need and we want electric vehicles around us.

Stay tuned!


hackeybabel wrote 06/15/2019 at 04:42 point

Thanks marcos for featuring us. We are working on shielded cableing to reduce interference and improving motor so we can go for high voltages (310volts). 

We are also working on developing active balancing bms for our bike. i am going to test the first prototype in couple of days and release the source of bms for EV community. 

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Marcos Chaparro wrote 06/15/2019 at 16:26 point

Keep it up! Did I get the battery voltage right? I can get it fixed if needed. Ping me before going to 300V, I want to make sure you guys don't have a switching overshoot higher than 600V.
Active balancing? cool I want to see that. If it has a CANbus interface you can halt the vesc controller if any cell goes out of limits, and with some code it can influence the regen limits.

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