High-low tech: WATCH, GPS & PAGER

Want to ditch your smartphone but not its useful features ?
3 simple devices to use the technology in a beautiful way

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// is :
⛛ — SABLIER is a stopwatch-like device. It vibrates every five minutes to let you notice time passing.
⭕ — BOUSSOLE is a compass-like device. It guides you to five locations of your choice.
⬡ — SIFFLET is a pager-like device. It sends short melodious messages composed by you to another SIFFLET device.

Usually hidden behind opaque plastic, the PCB is the heart of modern technology. These devices aim to open technologies that we use everyday. Through 3 services — time keeping, orientation and communication — the 3 objects from // offers you new ways to experience technologies. It works smartphones burden: no notifications, no e-mails, no ads, no privacy concerns, no battery hassle.




  • 3 × ATmega328 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 3 × LIR2450 Rechargeable 120mAh LiPo coin cell
  • 3 × MCP73831 Power Management ICs / Power Supply Support / LiPo charging
  • 1 × Vibration motor
  • 1 × M41T62LC6F Clock and Timer ICs / Real-Time Clocks

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  • Genesis

    Antoine Pintout04/25/2019 at 09:16 0 comments

    Welcome to this first log entry !

    I started to work on this project a couple of months ago. It’s a self-initiated project that I will submit  for my upcoming degree in industrial design. First, I found my topic and researched it to cover its different stakes. I was born with computers. I’ve always found it easy to work with different types of technology. That’s why I decided to develop a project in this field.

    When it comes to everyday use, I'm not convinced that the way we interact with technology is the best. I noticed that my daily consumption of tech is limited to my phone or my computer. Many tasks are done with these devices: staying in contact with friends or work partners, takings notes, quickly finding informations about anything, making calculations, navigating in a city, capturing memories, reminding us upcoming events, etc. They suit our needs when we have to be efficient but when we just want to relax and disconnect, they can become nightmares.

    illustration from the thelightphone project

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yves wrote 5 hours ago point

Hate de voir le resultat

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Gerben wrote 04/18/2019 at 09:27 point

Both urls don't seem to work.

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Antoine Pintout wrote 04/19/2019 at 13:22 point

Yes indeed, I don't have anything up just yet. This will come soon :)

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Gerben wrote 04/19/2019 at 13:26 point

Great. I was worried it was a typo.

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